SARAH LONGFIELD Introduces The New HeadRush Pedal Board

The owner of one of the coolest Strandberg guitars ever, Sarah Longfield, took to the stage recently to show off the brand new HeadRush pedal board. The board itself is an effects and amp processor with a 7 inch touch screen, 30 amps and 15 cabinets, and comes with the effects we all know and love like phaser, reverb, delay, and flanger. It also has plenty of routing options and can be integrated into any existing setup. The HeadRush is powered by Eleven HD Expanded, which is an updated version of the software that was used on the Eleven Rack unit. The HeadRush can also be used as an audio interface for recording.


Check out Sarah putting the unit through its paces:

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  • She’s amazing, i just always hate her tone :(

  • Nice
    Looks better then the Helix

  • Guitars with no head stock freak me out

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