Rob Scallon and Fluff Tickle Your Giggle Whilst Demo-ing ToonTrack Packs

It would seem that Rob Scallon is taking a break from playing Slayer on bluegrass instruments, if only just long enough to make this comedic video cleverly lampooning the audition process. As an added bonus, all the sounds are from ToonTrack’s new packs for EZMix 2 and EZDrummer2.


Just last week we brought you the list of 5 Metal Labels That Still Accept Demos with a bit of advice for submitting your music. Well, this video shows the perils of approaching such a proposition unprepared. Of course, this is a ridiculous situation that doesn’t happen in real life, but the premise is the same.

These guys crack me up. This is like, meta-metal. Or meta-l. Just watch it, you’ll see what I mean.

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