PRS Introduces “Sonzera” Amp Line for 2017

PRS are keeping it simple but versatile in 2017, with a brand new amplifier lineup called the Sonzera. The amp features a no-fuss, 2-channel layout: clean and lead, each with independent controls. PRS is describing the clean channel as “full” and “3D,” with a 3-spring reverb adding shimmer and chime. And the lead channel can go from “edgy overdrive” to a “full-on soaring lead tone.” Simplicity and versatility is the name of the game here, and the Sonzera aims to deliver note-clarity and definition in a flexible package.


Of course, we all know PRS is synonymous with quality. So it’s no surprise that the Sonzera will be built like a tank with a steel chassis and custom transformers for ultimate reliability. The amp also comes in 3 flavors: 20 or 50-watt combos and a 50-watt head. Catch a glimpse below:

20-Watt Combo

50-Watt Combo

50-Watt Head & Cab

These amps are already being hyped by some high-profile players, including Chris Robertson from Blackstone Cherry, Mark Lettieri from Snarky Puppy, and Dave Knudson of Minus the Bear. Hear it in action:

If you want to read up more on the Sonzera, you can do so right here. Better yet, if you’ll be at NAMM 2017 next week, you can catch these in person in Room 210A.

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