Presonus Introduce “Capture,” Increase Your iOS 32-Track Recorder Options by 1

The Presonus Capture: I’m sure it was named as such because it’ll capture the audio you send into it. That’s it’s job as a 32-track DAW, after all. But “capture” is also its goal, isn’t it? Capture needs to carve out its share of a crowded market. NanoStudio certainly has its fans, and Garageband is very feature-rich for a $5 app. Cubasis is quite a piece of software, but its price tag is significantly higher than other apps. Ditto for Auria. And those are just a few big names off the top of my head.


So yeah, you have a lot of options. I haven’t used Capture because Android is my mobile OS of choice, but it seems that Presonus is angling for users who want a more serious recording app, but don’t need an all-in-one solution with powerful mixing options. While you can use basic level/pan controls to make a bounce of your tracks, one of the key features of Capture is the ability to wirelessly send your session to PreSonus’ non-mobile DAW solution, Studio One. I think it’s a smart hybrid approach. Here’s a rundown of the feature set.

• Capture 32 audio tracks at up to 24-bit, 96 kHz
• One-tap recording
• Direct wireless transfer of sessions to PreSonus® Studio One®
• Editing functions include cut, copy, paste, split, and duplicate
• Level and Pan controls for balancing your tracks
• Saves in compact Apple Lossless format
• Works with any MFi-compatible interface, including PreSonus AudioBox iOne and iTwo

The full 32-track version of Capture is $10, but there’s a free 2-track version if you want to get a feel for the software. I’m going to have to refer to you iPad users for feedback on this one. Has anyone tried it out? What do you think?

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  • I’d be interested in using this if it allowed for tempo changes. I bought Auria when it was on sale one time and I’ve been incredibly disappointed with it ever since, and I haven’t tried any others since every time I look into it, it seems like they’re missing other features I need. The 24/96 thing is cool, but I don’t think Audiobus properly supports that bit/sample rate, either.

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