You might have seen our article about the BIAS Delay Pedal from Positive Grid earlier this year. A really forward-thinking piece of gear from a great company. Well, it looks like there is yet another addition to the Positive Grid family: the BIAS Modulation Pedal.

Although this pedal comes loaded with amazing features, it’s important to note first and foremost that it is a multi-effects pedal. It comes with nine time and amplitude-based effects (flanger, chorus, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, rotary, ringmod, autoswell, and pan) for tons of flexibility in your sound. Much like the BIAS Delay, the BIAS Modulation has access to Positive Grid’s powerful editing software which allows even further customization. The pedal can be used as a standalone unit or integrated into a desktop or mobile setup with micro-USB and Bluetooth connections for maximum tonal goodness. On top of that, you can also upload and share your custom tones with Positive Grid’s ToneCloud network, allowing you access to thousands of other player’s customized effects.

Hardware-wise, the pedal features an all-metal chassis, bulletproof knobs and switches, and I/O jacks for the left and right channels. The thing is built like a tank, and you’ll definitely notice it. It’s super portable and durable, which is perfect for the modern performing musician who needs solid modulation effects in a timely manner.

The BIAS Modulation Pedal will be available in stores worldwide in Q2 2017 for $349. If you want to learn more about this bad boy, head over to Positive Grid’s website and check the deets for more info.

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