POSITIVE GRID – New BIAS Delay Pedal Will Blow Your Mind


It’s pretty crazy to think just how a fast a company like Positive Grid has changed the guitar tone game. From their BIAS Amp software and BIAS Head/Rack guitar processor, they’ve produced some of the most forward-thinking stuff out there. And just when we thought they started slowing down, they decided to unleash this beast: the BIAS Delay pedal.

With the ability to not only tweak the delay sounds from the physical pedal itself but also with the BIAS FX software, the BIAS Delay pedal makes the most out of Positive Grid’s tone editing system. The pedal can be used either as a standalone unit or integrated with Positive Grid’s desktop and mobile systems, both of which are easily connected via micro USB for computer and Bluetooth for iPad. It features Digital, Analog, Tape, Space, Swell, Reverse, Ping Pong, and Tremolo delays (as well as reverb), and by having extreme connectivity between both physical and digital formats, players are able to dive in deep with the BIAS software and send their custom delays back into the pedal’s two banks of ten presets each.

The pedal also gives players access to Positive Grid’s ToneCloud network which allows them to share and download thousands of delays created by other musicians instantly. Music sure makes the world go ’round.

Aside from being super intuitive, responsive, and built like a tank, the BIAS Delay pedal also features an expression pedal input, MIDI clock sync, and controls for feedback, delay time, wet/dry mix, and reverb levels. The BIAS Delay Pedal will be available worldwide in Spring for $349 a pop. Head over to Positive Grid to learn up on all the delicious deets.

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