PERIPHERY’s Misha Mansoor Teaches Proper Guitar Store Etiquette In This Funny Video


Gear Gods recently teamed up with NY guitar super store, The Music Zoo, and the ever lovable Misha Mansoor of Periphery, to produce this hilarious video about how to act when shopping for a guitar in a music store. It might seem like common sense, but if you’ve ever been to a music store, you’ll know that it super is not.

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  • While I agree with a good chunk of this video, I think if you know what you’re doing, it shouldn’t be an issue to grab a guitar off of the wall without asking first. If it’s up on a higher spot where you run the risk of knocking stuff over, or you straight up can’t reach it, then go ahead and ask for assistance. If you can reach it without any of those things being an issue, just be careful with how you handle it. Don’t yank it off of the wall. Lift it off the hook delicately, and be delicate with putting it back. If you have an issue with either, that’s when you call over an employee to give you a hand.

    And the “May I use your amp room to plug in?” thing isn’t applicable at a lot of places. I didn’t even know of any shops that had amp rooms until I saw this video. If there’s an amp room, it applies, but if there isn’t an amp room (like most music shops), just be considerate of those around you. Don’t crank the amp so loud that no one else can hear what they’re playing. Don’t be obnoxious. And if someone else is being too loud, politely ask them to turn it down.

    • The thing is, the employees have no idea whether you are someone who knows how to handle instruments or not. Even if you know you will not misuse the instrument, it’s important to let the store know you respect their stock and give them the peace of mind that some retard isn’t about to break shit

    • I agree with Josh Legg. That’s like saying “I am a professional race car driver, so I know how to drive fast, safely. The speed limit should not apply to someone of my skill level.” The cop who flags you down for a ticket doesn’t know, and shouldn’t care. By the same token, even if you know what you’re doing in a guitar store, the staff have thousands of good reasons to worry about anyone who gets grabby-grabby with expensive stuff.

    • By the logic both of your are putting out here, I should have an employee next to me at all times when I’m at the grocery store so I can ask them to put food into my cart for me, because I have the potential to break anything and everything in the store.

      I’m sorry if I don’t need a babysitter while I shop. Especially if that babysitter is trying to make a commission off of me.

  • >funny

  • I like Periphery and Misha is a talented dude, but this wasn’t even funny. I kept waiting for the part where I was supposed to laugh, but it never came.

  • Too much human interaction.. for me anyways, too much anxiety to sit there and converse with the usually obnoxious and rude staff

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