Periphery Drummer Matt Halpern’s Class on Succeeding in the Music Industry is Streaming Now

Remember when we mentioned that Periphery drummer and BandHappy founder Matt Halpern thought that your garage sucked, and he wanted your band out of there? Well in case your memory is foggy, here’s the gist.


He’s devised this class in conjunction with CreativeLive: The Working Musician’s Playbook. The idea is that even if your band fucking rocks, like, hard, like, you guys completely rule why aren’t you huge… well, you likely haven’t gotten anywhere. Putting aside the possibility that you might not rock quite as hard as you think you do, the issue is that you likely don’t know the best way to manage your band as a business. You probably could be networking better, getting the word out more effectively.

He has an ensemble of industry luminaries to light your path to 100% guaranteed success. They include:

  • Ash Avildsen – Sumerian Records Founder/CEO
  • Mike Mowery – Outerloop MGMT Founder/CEO
  • Mark Scribner – Business Manager for Killswitch Engage, Periphery, Animals as Leaders
  • Mike Johnston – Drummer, Clinician and Founder of
  • Chris Brewer – Head of Artist Relations for Meinl Cymbals USA
  • J.P. Bouvet – Drummer, Clinician and winner of Guitar Center Drum Off 2011

You don’t even have to go anywhere to watch it. The live stream of the class, which began yesterday and lasts until tomorrow afternoon (with breaks at night so you can sleep), is embedded below. But if you missed yesterday’s session, or just want access to watch at your leisure after the fact, you can purchase anytime access here.

Live streaming video by Ustream

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