Overdrive Week – Positive Grid Adds Pedals in BIAS FX

My biggest complaint from when I reviewed BIAS Desktop from Positive Grid was the lack of effects. To me it seemed like an oversight – how could an amp sim not have built-in effects? The whole point here is convenience – I don’t want to have to resort to a different plugin for effects, especially ones like overdrive that aren’t exactly standard fare in DAWs.


Well, whatever their reasoning then, they seem to have rectified it now – this week they dropped this teaser for BIAS FX, an effects pedal sim for BIAS. It operates like BIAS Desktop in that you can upload and download pedalboards to and from the ToneCloud. It looks like they must have been HARD at work, because I’m seeing a crap ton of pedals and rack emulations.

All the information I’ve provided you with is sketchy at best and has been extrapolated from this video teaser:

They’re looking for some volunteers to try it out, so if you want to test drive it, head over to http://www.positivegrid.com/bias-fx/ and sign up!

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