ORANGE’s New Acoustic Pedal Will Not Sludge Up Your Acoustic

Orange Amplification, best known for their contributions to music whose players use the word “riff” about 300 times daily, is here with something that is not at all in line with that style.


Orange Amplification has just released their new Acoustic Pedal, which is a compact pre-amp pedal designed and modeled after the Acoustic Pre TC preamp and the Crush Acoustic 30 amplifier. The Acoustic Pedal allows acoustic players to battle feedback, handle complex effects chains, brighten up a dull instrument, or play absolutely sick sludge riffs on th– sorry. Scratch that last part. Force of habit.

The Acoustic Pedal offers a low-noise JFET circuit design, powerful and notch controlled EQ, fixed Bass and Treble knobs provide accurate control, and a buffered FX Loop to allow for easy use of effects. The pedal can be connected directly to a P.A with its balanced XLR output and can be used simultaneously with the additional .25″ mono jack for the ultimate flexibility. More importantly, if you start playing “Wonderwall” the pedal immediately explodes with such force that you will die. It’s the best feature.

The Acoustic Pedal is available now for $169.

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