ORANGE Rolls Out Three New Vintage-Inspired Pedals

Orange has three brand new vintage-inspired pedals in the forms of the Orange Phaser, Distortion, and Sustain. They are:


Orange Phaser

The Orange Phaser is pretty simple – you’ve go a speed knob, an input and an output. The Orange Phaser has reduced noise on the input thanks to a JFET input buffer, offers true-bass, and will take your tone straight into space.

Orange Distortion

The Orange Distortion offers Level and Depth controls, as well as a high-quality buffer to help retain tonal integrity, and an adjustable Treble via a little trimmer inside the pedal’s casing (the Bass and Mids are preset).

Orange Sustain

Much like the Phaser pedal, the Sustain pedal has one job – be a Sustain pedal. The pedal offers Level and Depth controls, and uses two LEDs that change from blue to purple when gain reduction is really kicking in, giving you instant visual feedback on your tone.

All three pedals are available here for $249 each.

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