ORANGE Makes a High-End Custom Guitar Now, the OE-1

You know what might go with that Orange Amplifier you own? Orange’s brand new custom guitar, the OE-1.


The all new OE-1 was designed by Orange Technical Director Adrian Emsley and built to order by luthier Jason Burns of Blast Cult at his workshop in London, England. “It’s a blend of engineering rigour, instinct and my own experience with high-end guitars. I’m very proud of the sound and the feel that the guitar delivers,” said Emsley.

The OE-1 is made from solid mahogany, features an ebony fretboard with 22 frets and a 12″ radius, and is available in either a two-toned gold and ivory finish or a custom finish with chessboard nitro binding all around (including the headstock). As far as hardware goes, the OE-1 has a Tune-O-Matic Bridge and Stop Bar Tailpiece alongside Grover tuners, four custom, turned brass control knobs and a robust three-way switchcraft toggle switch.

You can choose one of two pickup configurations for the OE-1. The first option is a 3.5K Mojo UK Filtertron in the neck and 5.3K Mojo UK Filtertron in the bridge, or a Staple Alcino Soapbar P90 in both the bridge and the neck.

The OE-1 is available through Orange only for $5,452.35. However, you can grab an Orange Amplifier right now for some pretty reasonable prices here.