ORANGE Introduces Two-Channel Guitar Butler Preamp Pedal

Orange Amplification has introduced their new dual-channel guitar preamp, and sibling to the popular Bass Butler, the Guitar Butler. The Guitar Butler is designed with a vintage voice in mind and is perfect for guitarists looking to get preamp tones from their pedalboard straight into their amplifiers, or into a PA system. The Guitar Butler makes it easy to place pedals upfront and offers more than a few EQ options to get your tone just right.


The Guitar Butler uses JFET circuitry for its Dirty Channel for a classic valve-like sound and offers its own separate set of controls so you can easily switch between your preferred clean and overdriven tones. The Guitar Butler also offers a Buffered FX loop that allows time effects like modulation, delay and reverb to be added after the preamp; as well as an Amp Out without Cab Sim and a Balance Out with it, plus a Ground Lift switch to stop any earth loops.

The Guitar Butler is available here for $429.

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