Orange originally rolled out their Orange O Bass back in 2015, and now they’re bringing it back! The new version of the Orange O Bass retains some aspects of the 2015 version including the classic single cutaway body shape and the split-coil pickup, though there are a lot of new things to love.


The Orange O Bass features new binding, a new black headstock on both the Orange and Black models, a body made from West African Okoumé and a fretboard made from super-durable Purpleheart, and fretwork in what Orange is saying has been “retooled with playability in mind.”

“The O Bass started out with far more personality, adaptability and good looks than is strictly fair to the competition,” said Orange about the O Bass. “With its 2022 makeover, the Orange O Bass just got even better.” Get the O Bass in both Orange and Black here for $549.99.

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