From Listening to Creating: NOLLY Breaks Down his Sonic Journey with the NEURAL DSP ARCHETYPE

So what has ADAM NOLLY GETGOOD been up to since ending his term with Periphery a couple of years ago?


It seems like he’s been digging deep into the sonic nether realm, and he’s resurfaced in order to bring us new and powerful tools with the sacred knowledge he has gained.

The NEURAL DSP ARCHETYPE is the culmination of NOLLY’S research and exploration into guitar amps and tones, encapsulating all the technical wisdom he has acquired while he painstakingly dismantled, rebuilt, and scientifically tested myriads of amps, speakers, and cabinets.

Modelling NOLLY’S choice of amps and cabinets, the NEURAL DSP ARCHETYPE is possibly the most accurate amp sim on the market, all the impulse responses were meticulously captured by NOLLY himself.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out the video above and listen to this beastly tone for yourself. You can also start a free 14 day trial of the ARCHETYPE if you’re still unsure.

The NEURAL DSP ARCHETYPE can be found on NEURAL DSP’S website here. And follow NEURAL DSP on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to get a peek at their other high-end audio software sweets.

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