NINTENDO Theme Songs Released on an Actual NES Cartridge

Sergio Elisondo is a one-man-band who covers video game theme songs on Youtube. Now he’s released some of those covers on an album that comes in a unique format… on a damn NES cartridge. His album is on a fully working, freakin’ NES cartridge!


That means that you can buy the album cart, insert it into your old ass Nintendo Entertainment System and it will actually play. That’s right, it plays uncompressed, non-bit-reduced digital audio. It’s pretty effin cool. It is a super nerd-boner way to release an album, but you can’t deny that it’s cool.

Some guy named Metal Jesus (lol) recently interviewed Sergio about the album and they talked about out how the cart came together:

This kind of novel release format would be perfectly brand aligned for a bunch of video game influenced metal bands. Gunface/Unraveller and Machinae should definitely get on board. I would totally buy an Unraveller EP on a Nintendo cart, are you kidding me?! That’d be perf.

Sergio Elisondo NES Cartridge Limited

Limited edition clear cart. I seriously hope more bands do this.

Here’s the tracklisting for Sergio Elisondo’s A Winner Is You album, featuring a bunch of classic themes from killer games:

1. Contra – Title Theme
2. Contra – Welcome to the Jungle Theme
3. Ninja Gaiden 2 – Chaosium Sword
4. Mega Man 2 – Dr. Wily’s Stage 1
5. River City Ransom – Title Theme
6. River City Ransom – Boss Fight Theme
7. Super Mario Bros. 1 – Overworld Theme
8. Super Mario Bros. 3 – Underground Theme
9. DuckTales – The Moon Theme
10. Punch-Out!! – Glass Joe
11. Punch-Out!! – Enter the Ring
12. Punch-Out!! – Fight Theme
13. Castlevania – Bloody Tears “Daytime”
14. The Legend of Zelda – Dungeon Theme
15. The Legend of Zelda – Title Theme

If you’re interested, and you have a NES, you can buy the cart here. If you don’t have a NES but you still want the tunes, they’re up on the Sergio Elisondo bandcamp.

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