MACHINAE SUPREMACY ‘My Dragons Will Decimate’ Guitar Playthrough

The 8-Bit Swedes in Machinae Supremacy are back at it with a new album, Into The Night World. The title sounds like a Castlevania sequel. Knowing the band’s style though, I bet the music sounds like it too. It’s out December 16th but the iTunes pre-orders are up now.


In the meantime, guitarist Tomi Luoma has blessed us with a guitar playthrough of the track ‘My Dragons Will Decimate’. It’s got their signature SID-chip-infused Power Metal sound, with heroic melodies out the Poäng. Says Tomi, “For My Dragons Will Decimate I used a Jackson Kelly with active EMG pickups to record those balls out metal riffs over Nicky’s epic old-school VGM bass tracks. We use the ElevenRack for all guitars, but sometimes we just line in and use software FX like Amplitube to get the right sound. Dragons has a little bit of both.”

Is that a G.I. Joe ‘Assault Vehicle’ accessory car at 2:00, during the lead break?

Protip. Over the next couple of weeks, while you’re waiting for Into The Night World, go check out the official Machinae Supremacy website. Trust me. Do it. The band, being total bros, have a ton of their material up there for FREE download. Like, actual albums. Pretty cool huh.

Bonus trivia time… Remember that sick Timbaland beat from ‘Ayo Technology’ with the 8-bit lead? Well, Machinae Supremacy use an identical model SID synthesizer to get their chiptune sounds. The module uses a sound chip that was manufactured for the Commodore 64 computer, and those chips haven’t been made in quite some time now. Which means the synths are, hashtag, rare. It’s actually pretty impressive that they have one.

Pre-orders for Into The Night World are up on iTunes right now, so go get it. No word yet as to whether it’ll be released on 5.25 inch floppy disk or Commodore Datasette though.

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  • That thing at 2:00 is the Lego Porsche 911 GT3 RS

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