New York’s Moon Tooth Know How to do a Studio Update

Well, I have never heard of this band before watching this studio update video, but now I not only want to listen to them, I also want to hang out with them. They’ve managed to compile into one video a pedal rundown, some killer in-studio performance footage, live footage, guitar porn (in the form of a cool blue Reverend with Railhammers, some PRS content and a baritone Danelectro), comedy, and just overall badassery – enough to make me an instant fan.


Bonus: It’s shot at 60fps for that “you’re freaking out, man” too real for reality look.

A little further research reveals that they have a music video for their song “Storm Pill”, and that they do indeed rock as hard as the teaser teased. They sound a bit like if Dillinger Escape Plan was a bit more melodic and a little grungier.

They are in the studio right now recording their first full-length album, a follow-up to their 2013 EP “Freaks”. Check them out on their Facebook page.

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