New EBS FuzzMo Pedal Brings Blend Knob, Internal Capitalization To Fuzz Pedals

Usually I’m skeptical of “bass pedals.” Sure, I can see the use sometimes, like if an EQ pedal emphasizes certain bass-centric frequencies over others (although sweepable frequencies are usually the better solution). But more often than not a company will split its pedal lines for some arbitrary reason, like with MXR’s compressor pedals (apparently bassists need good metering but guitarists can make do with naught but two knobs). My favorite useless bass pedal is the Boss Bass Chorus–not because the distinction is pointless (Boss’ “guitar” Chorus Ensemble pedal has essentially the same low filter), but mainly because if you put chorus on a bass you’re a terrible person.


But for distortion, sure, I can see the merit of bass-optimized pedals. A blend knob, to control the clean vs distorted ratio, can even be useful on guitar, but it’s a must on bass. Distortion, and the compression that comes with it, can really neuter your low end, so throwing some clean signal back into your chain is clutch. EBS specializes in bass pedals, so it’s no shocker that the company’s new FuzzMo pedal has a blend knob. Off the top of my head I can’t think of another fuzz with this option, certainly not one optimized for bass, so my curiosity is immediately piqued.

The first thing I’d want to try: dime the gain control but set the ratio to maybe 35% distorted.

The FuzzMo’s other knobs of note are “shape” which alters the fuzz from a square wave to a triangle, and “character,” which according to the description seems to essentially be a mid-scoop in lieu of a tone control.

EBS’ FuzzMo pedal is shipping now. If you’ve gotten your hands on one let me know what you think of it in the comments.

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  • “…if you put chorus on a bass you’re a terrible person”

    Do you even play bass?

  • You obviously haven’t checked out a lot of Bass Fuzz pedals…they almost ALL have a blend knob these days.

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