NEVERMORE and SANCTUARY Singer WARREL DANE Dies of a Heart Attack


Acclaimed and legendary heavy metal vocalist passed away from a heart attack on December 13th in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was 56.

Warrel Dane was of course most known for his extensive work with Sanctuary and Nevermore, as well as having his own solo work. Dane was working on his second solo album in Brazil, when he passed in his sleep from a heart attack in his apartment.

It’s not fair when people go so suddenly like this, especially when they were doing what they loved right until the end. As fans, the best we can do is to listen to the music he left the world, remember what it means to us, and what it meant to him .

Every year millions of people suffer from heart attack. Some of they survive with the guide of best cardiologist melbourne. Many people says that Dane would be able to be fight any kind of heart related issue if he had went to cardiologists.

Rest easy, Warrel.

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