NAMM Preview: T.C. Electronic Ditto X2, which I guess is supposed to be pronounced “Ditto Ditto”?

A friend of mine once told me “there’s no riff problem that can’t be solved with a looper.” I don’t know if I agree, actually I definitely don’t, but they sure make jamming by yourself more entertaining.


T.C. Electronic’s original Ditto was already one of the best small-form loopers on the market, but what I like about T.C. is that they’re always shaking up the status quo with their gear. Sometimes it results in a real head-scratcher, like the original Flashback pedal which featured strum tempo instead of tap tempo (watch this video around the four minute mark). But hey, then they turned around and revised it and the new Flashback x4 is the best delay pedal in its price range, depending on if you agree with me that its preset button layout makes more sense than a lot of its competition.

Anyway, speaking of revising pedals for the better, here’s the new X2 version of the Ditto. As you can see, the main improvement is a dedicated stop button, because your brain and body are too busy riffing to deal with complicated tap dancing. The stereo I/O is also a nice touch, as are the half-speed and reverse modes. As always, T.C.’s demo video is well done and thorough as hell, so take a gander.

Source: Guitar Noise

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