NAMM 2020: NEURAL DSP Announces Powerful QUAD CORTEX Floor Modeler

SWEET JESUS. With NAMM 2020 right around the corner, Helsinki-based audio engineering startup NEURAL DSP have announced the most powerful multi-effects floor modeler ever: The Quad Cortex. Built with new technology known as Neural Capture, the Quad Cortex is capable of analyzing, learning, and replicating the sound and dynamics of any physical amplifier. This impressively sleek box of magic has an algorithm that perceives sound akin to human perception. This gives “the robots are taking over” a much more badass meaning.


Here are some essential details:

  • 2GHz of DSP provides limitless sound design possibilities
  • Over 1000 perfectly captured impulse responses
  • Absolute control of EQ with the 7” multi-touch display
  • Ease of use – effortlessly create even the most complex signal paths
  • Able to run four amplifier models with effects simultaneously
  • Compact and portable (29 x 19 x 4.8 cm, 1.6kg / 3.5lbs)

Impressive, right?? Neural DSP has been slaying the game recently, and the Quad Cortex is the cherry on top. For preorders, FAQ’s, and more information, head over to the Neural DSP website. We can’t wait to see these babies at NAMM!

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