It’s always a good day when Neural DSP teases a shiny and mysterious looking new product on their social media pages. Often times when I see their teasers for new products I feel like I’m watching the keynote for a new Apple product, or the rollout for a brand new supercar.


This time around the wizards at Neural DSP have partnered up with none other than Mr. Tosin Abasi to bring you what is sure to be a crowning jewel in their already astonishingly sick lineup of products. Whether you are looking to harness Abasi’s tones exactly or create your own sound Neural DSP has you covered. In addition to the amps, graphic equalizers, and effects that come with the Archetype: Abasi you will also find no less than 72 cabinet IRs captured by Mr. Nolly Getgood. What’s not to love!?

You can download a 14-day trial or purchase a full license for the Archetype: Abasi right here.

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