NAMM 2014 – Per Nilsson’s Signature .strandberg* Guitar – the Singularity

Per Nilsson, amazing shred virtuoso extraordinaire of the bands Scar Symmetry, the Absence, and Kaipa, has been a longtime player of various Ibanez 7-string models. But despite his amazing talent and loyalty to the brand, there has never been a Per Nilsson signature model. So now Per has jumped ship and joined forces with countryman Ola Strandberg to give us the Singularity, which is a reference to the time when computer processing power will surpass that of the human brain (Skynet scenario).


The guitar is a 25.5″ scale with 7 strings and True Temperament frets (that Per adorably refers to as “squiggly wiggly” frets in the video) and a dope swirl finish by Livewire guitars. It features an EMG 57 in the bridge, an SA 7 in the middle position, and (like a ‘roided out bodybuilder) no neck (pickup). Instead, no less than 27 frets are the cherry on this sweet monster, which Per demonstrates a bit for us before giving us the rundown.

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