NAMM 2014: Neve 500 Series Lunchbox Gear/sE Electronics Mics

I’m gonna open this article with the shocker that Chris Dauray of Rupert Neve Designs and sE Electronics Microphones dropped at the END of the video below, and that is that sE has a program where they loan out their microphones FO FREE. Free fifty free. About free fiddy. So watch the whole video to find out how that can happen, cuz I know I’m sure as hell going to be taking advantage of it.


For home recording whizzes, the idea of the lunchbox modular system is nothing new. Rather than having to buy a whole board full of high end preamps when you only need a couple, you can buy the empty lunchbox which will host a couple of pres, EQs, and a variety of other pro audio bits that you can customize to your liking. Take, for example, the Neve 542 Tape Emulator module, or their 517 mic pre/DI/compressor. It’s an easy way to get great sound on a smaller budget, highly customized to your needs.

The sE ribbon mics look pretty awesome too, especially as a way to bust out of the same old SM57 mic on your cab. Ribbon mics in the past have had a reputation for being pretty delicate, but Chris assures me that these are built tougher than your average ribbon.

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