NAMM 2014: Laney’s New Ironheart IRTX Expansion Cabinet

Wet/dry/wet isn’t a hip term anymore, but in the 80’s rack scene it was the holy grail of tone. Essentially your unaffected signal always routes through your main 412 or whatever cabinet, but when you turn on delay/reverb/etc you have a pair of stereo 112 extension cabinets with only the 100% wet effected tone coming out of them. This leads to the best clarity, but it’s a pain in the ass to wire up, and stereo effects are often lost in a mono PA at a gig. So it’s gone out of vogue, even though it can be pretty awesome sounding when you’re jamming at home.


Well Laney are working on a solution to make things a bit easier with their new IRTX extension cabs. They’re designed to interface easily with the Ironheart amps, but they should be able to be integrated into most setups. And if you want to separate your effects from your dry but don’t care about stereo, remember you can always just use one instead of two.

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