NAMM 2014: ESP’s USA-Made E-II Guitars, and New Signature Models

First of all, let me say that the Excellence in Presenting award for the day goes to ESP. Jeff Klopmeyer is one smooth talker. He gave us a look at the new E-II guitars from ESP. They’re noteworthy because in the past if you bought a high-end ESP it was made in Japan. While those remain the top-shelf of quality from the company, the new US-made E-II guitars are serious instruments, and are the first guitars that ESP has manufactured in the States.


In addition, Jeff showed us some of the new signature models. The Ken Susi guitar was a thing of beauty. A 7-string with an Evertune bridge? Hells yeah. I had my eye on the new Ben Weinman guitar, which also had an Evertune. He doesn’t show it off but it’s there behind him the whole time, just calling me. It took some serious self-control on my part.

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  • Sadly, I really dislike the “teardrop” headstock. I am however a big fan of the pointy headstock a la on Stephen Carpenter’s guitars.

  • late to the game, but E2 esp guitars are made in Japan, not the US. the ONLY ESPs made in the USA are the USA production models. esp customs, originals and e2 are all made in japan.

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