Moogerfoogers Get Smaller, Less Expensive

The thing with Moogerfooger pedals is that I’ve never met anyone who owned two. They’re on the pricey side. Awesome sounding pedals, but expensive. A buddy of mine had the Moogerfooger Ring Modulator and it sounded amazing, but it’s not the most versatile stombox and I couldn’t justify spending almost $300 on it. And hell, that’s one of the cheaper ones. The Analog Delay sells for over $600.


This is why I’m excited about the company’s new line of Minifooger pedals. I imagine a lot more people will find excuses for owning one (or several) when the tiny buggers only cost $140-$200. Admittedly Moog has stripped some of the features out to meet the price point. For example, the Minifooger Analog Delay still retains the drive control but loses the modulated delay options.

That said, there’s still some non-traditional features on these little guys, like the Drive pedal’s low-pass filter that can be controlled by an expression pedal, or how the Boost pedal’s expression jack effectively turns the unit into a powered volume pedal (which, unlike a passive one, can increase your volume instead of just reducing it).

Sweetwater made an in-depth 12 minute video on the features of all five Minifoogers. Check it out below.

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