MESA/BOOGIE to Release “Rosette” Series of Acoustic Amplifiers and DIs


Grandpa’s guitars have absolutely no place in the world of heavy metal; we all know that. But did you also know that Grandpa has a long list of other stringed instruments that have been outlawed from trve metal? You know, fiddles, mandolins, upright basses, cellos…now I know you know neither of us know anyone who plays any of those because we only associate with the hardest headbangin’ beefcakes ever, period. Hypothetically speaking, though, the Mesa/Boogie Rosette series will amplify any of said Grandpa’s instruments with poise and grace.

The Rosette 300/Two:Eight is a 2-channel acoustic combo amp pushing 300 watts of power through custom Mesa-built speakers. It all comes consolidated in a 30-pound package that makes it as portable as it is eye-catching and incredible-sounding. Mesa/Boogie have one helluva time making bad amps, and the Rosette looks to be no exception – even if it’s built for class instead of crass.

In addition to each channel’s 4-band semi-parametric EQ, there’s an onboard “Effects Suite” which includes Room and Hall Reverbs, and a Reverb/Chorus. Oh, and if a combo amp ain’t your speed (as small and light as it is), the Rosette is available as a DI unit too! For more details on Mesa’s foray into the realm of acoustic amps/preamps, check out Guitar World‘s survey of the Rosette here. For all other inquiries, your attention is probably best directed at Mesa.

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