MENDEL (ex-ABORTED) Rips A Hole In The Universe In First Single “Polaris” From Re-Mastered NEOBLIVION Album

To know Mendel is to know shred. The former Aborted ripper has always had an ongoing solo career, but recently stepped away from the band to focus on it solely. In 2015, he recorded an album called Oblivion, and now he’s re-mixed and re-mastered it from the ground up and releasing it on December 15th (pre-order it here) as Neoblivion.


“I was never truly happy how Oblivion sounded due to the lack of low end and overall energy. I always wanted to remix and remaster it, and since it’s been 5 years (+ more mixing experience) I thought now is the right time to reamp, remix, and remaster the whole album from the ground up.”

A masterclass in fast, Polaris is no-holds-barred all-out war on the guitar. Here’s what Mendel has to say about the track:

Polaris is without a doubt the heaviest and fastest track on the album. The new updated production lifts it up to another level and the clarity lets the listener hear what’s actually being played.

Listening back to it, I notice this song (Polaris) influenced the song Cadaverous Banquet which I wrote for Aborted one year later.

It has that fast Phrygian Dominant Necrophagist-ish style riffing which I love to do. It’s an unconscious way of writing for me, can’t help it.” 

Mendel Bij De Leij

Get in your pre-order now and be the first on your block to get the re-imagined Neoblivion here.

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