MCGREGOR PEDALS First-Ever Fuzz Pedal is Crunchy as Hell

McGregor Pedals is taking the knowledge they’ve accrued from being in the overdrive pedal game, and using it to make one hell of a fuzz pedal.


The McGregor Pedals Cozmic Fuzzball uses the same circuit as the McGregor Pedals Crunch Transparent Overdrive, though with the addition of a transistor that can be overdriven, the circuit takes on a whole new life. The McGregor Pedals Cozmic Fuzzball features an Attack control for adjusting strength of the signal hitting the transistor; Tone, which acts as a variable high pass filter; and Volume, for attenuating the amplified and clipped signal. The pedal also offers a special trim pot that allows you to vary the LED brightness from dark stage to bright sun.

The McGregor Pedals Cozmic Fuzzball is suitable for both guitar and bass, and is available here for $210.

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