LINE 6 Is Running A Sale On The POD Go Wireless

Line 6 is offering $125 off their POD Go Wireless, making the normally-$600 piece of tech go for a tidier $474.99. Get it here. Oh, and Line 6 also has the same $125 off deal on classic the POD Go if you’re not into the updated wireless one. Get that here for $374.99.


For those unaware, the Pod GO Wireless is an improvement on the classic Line 6 POD Go. The POD Go Wireless builds upon the POD Go by offering a wireless receiver and a plug-in-and-play transmitter. So exactly what the name implies – all the goodness of a POD Go, but wireless.

The POD Go Wireless features an integrated Relay G10S-level digital wireless guitar system and 7-hour rechargeable G10TII transmitter that can easily talk to one another from up to 125 feet away. The transmitter charges directly from the POD’s 1/4″ instrument input and docks inside a molded storage well for safe travel, so storage is as easy as plugging in and getting as loud as humanly possible.

Plus, now you can do that thing where you stand on the bar and play your favorite riffs! I mean, if they’ll let you do that at whatever venue you’re playing.

It doesn’t have to be wireless, either. You can always plug a cable straight from your guitar into the POD Go Wireless if you’re just not feeling the wireless world that night, or you forgot to charge the transmitter. Though it should be noted that the POD Go Wireless includes the selectable Cable Tone technology, which simulates the tonal effects of a standard 10- or 30-foot cable. You can bypass that if you want, but why would you?

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