LINE 6 HELIX LT Pedal Unit Is Latest Addition to Successful HELIX Multi-Effects Family


It appears the Helix train has plenty of steam left as it ushers in the newest member of the family: the Line 6 Helix LT. Packing the same processing power and tonal features as its bigger rackmount and floor unit brothers, the LT contains a more streamlined I/O complement and hardware configuration. You could think of it as a “boiled down” version of its full-featured brethren, but that wouldn’t quite be doing it justice. More accurately, the Helix LT is providing access to dual-DSP processing and the applauded HX Modeling technology present in the Helix and Helix Floor in a more budget-friendly package. Pretty cool, right?

In the above segment, Line 6’s senior product manager sat down with Guitar Center to discuss the ins and outs (I guess that’s a pun; maybe it’s intentional) of the new unit. As previously touched upon, the LT was ultimately born out of a desire to extend Helix technology to as many guitarists as possible, while sacrificing literally none of its tonal capability. Sounding sick with good gear is a) fun, and subsequently, b) inspirational as fuck, so there’s really no downside to a slightly slimmed down Helix processor.

The video, of course, features some sound samples too, so we can all be sure the LT’s modeling tech is identical to its predecessors. Be sure to read up on all the nitty gritty of the Line 6 Helix LT right here. I can tell you it’s “cool” and “rad” all day, but what can you really take away from that, other than awareness of my limited vocabulary?

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  • so what does the more expensive one have that this doesn’t have?

    • More I/O options and a different front panel. It’s just the same amps and effects, just cheaper. Also, the LT is made from steel, where I think the regular helix is aluminum.

  • Is it ok to put other effects like a distortion pedal, wah pedal in front of the Helix LT. Also I’ve been told for live settings that the 4 Cable method is the best way to go so if that’s case where in the signal path would I put the distortion pedal & wah pedal? I will be teaming this up with the Carvin Legacy III Tube Amp Head. Thanks.

    • Hey Michael-

      Hopefully in the last 19 days you’ve gotten a response to this. Distortion and wah would go before the Send/Return from your amp, and any time-based effects (delay, reverb) would go the Send/Return from your amp. I’ve owned my Helix for 6 weeks now and this works great with my brand new Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister 36.


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