Let’s Try ML Sound Lab AMPED ROOTS! (Riffs, Beards & Gear Signature Amp Sim)

On this latest edition of Quality Control, Trey took fellow YouTuber Ryan ‘Fluff’ Bruce’s newest signature AMPED ROOTS guitar sim plugin by ML Sound Lab for a test drive! If you’re a fan of Gear Gods, there’s a very good chance that you’re also a fan of Riffs, Beards, & Gear (or at least you subscribe to both channels in a lifelong attempt to finally prove once and for all that Trey and Fluff are indeed long-lost brothers who were separated at birth — wait, just me? okay fine). This new amp sim features a few of Fluff’s favorite pieces of gear that have helped him shape his guitar tone, and now you too can have access to your own personal Fluff!


The signature amp sim features the following:

  • 5034 Fluff (Free) | Modern metal chugs. No overdrive needed.
  • 5151 Fluff | The 1992 legend. You know the sound.
  • Freeman Fluff | Tune low, chug slow. What’s that smell?
  • Mega Fluff | The early 90’s monster that birthed Nu Metal. No goatee required.
  • Fluff’s Personal 2×12 Cab
  • Virtual Pedalboard
  • IR Loader

You can learn more about and get your hands on the ML Sound Lab Amped Roots Amp Sim here.

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