FLUFF Finds Out Just How Good a $75 Guitar Can Sound


Fluff is a man of the people. He sacrifices so you guys don’t have to suffer. He puts his beard on the front line all for the sake of “What if?”. That is why he spent his hard earned money on what is absolute cheapest guitar on Amazon. BEHOLD. THE VIPER PRO EG SERIES GUITAR (WITH CARRYING CASE). COWER.

The guitar itself is exactly what you would expect: A POS beater that parents would buy their kid so they’d shut up about wanting to play the guitar. Because Fluff is Fluff, he made this guitar sound the absolute best he could. Which is a sturdy OK at best. It’s really the best you can do for 75 dollars. Think of all the fun you could have with it if you were using it for anything but a guitar though. I’m into the idea of using it as a cutting board. Or a nice piece of garbage.

Ya’ll know who Fluff is. Go subscribe to his YouTube channel for more of things like this. If you want to check this guitar out for yourself, I really suggest that you don’t.

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