LERXST Reissues Its By-Tor Overdrive Pedal As A Production Run

The Lerxst By-Tor overdrive was so damn popular as a limited-to-500 run that Alex Lifeson and crew are bring it back full-time!


Yes, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson’s new company Lerxst is giving everyone the power of the Lerxst By-Tor overdrive. The overdrive is modeled after the 50W OMEGA amplifier and offers all the usual Gain, Tone, and Level knobs. The Lerxst By-Tor overdrive offers a MOSFET based gain stage controlled by an additional Level control, as well as a toggle switch that provides the ability to change the order of the boost and drive circuits in the pedal.

“Following the success of the Lerxst OMEGA amplifier, a question emerged: ‘can we replicate the unmistakable sound and powerful presence of the 50W OMEGA in a compact pedal format?'” wrote Lerxst of the pedal.

“The challenge was not merely to create another run-of-the-mill drive pedal; it was to engineer a pedal that could deliver the same growling intensity and seamless transition to clean tones as if you were cranking up the amp itself. After numerous iterations, circuit designs, and meticulous fine-tuning, we proudly present the By-Tor. We trust that you will derive as much pleasure from the pedal’s exceptional sound and responsive feel as we do.”

Get it here for $295.

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