RUSH’s ALEX LIFESON Unveils His New Signature Pedal

Alex Lifeson partnered with Mojotone for a custom-built tube amp way back in 2012. Then years later, Mojotone debuted a limited run of 100 of the “Lerxst OMEGA” amp heads that have since been sold out. Now the duo are back with a Lerxst OMEGA-inspired pedal that’ll give you all that crunch, and yes – it’s in stock.


According to purveyors of the pedal Reverb, The Lexrst By-Tor is a compact, pedalboard-friendly version of the OMEGA that promises to replicate the head’s same intensity and growl that the tube amp is known for. The By-Tor is capable of jumping from light and crunchy drive sounds to tube-like overdriven chaos with the touch of a few controls. Its drive section features typical controls: drive (for setting the amount of desired distortion), tone (for adjusting top-end sparkle and treble), and level (for adjusting output).

Checkl out the video below and get one here for $295.

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