Korg Cliphit Lets You Table This Percussion for Now, Kick the Can, Flam on Flan, Roll on Rolls, etc

You’re probably drumming on some kind of surface right now anyway. Musicians tend to do that. Nervous habbit, boredom, and song ideas bouncing around the brain cause for constant slap slap slapping. But imagination is for the unambitious. With only a modicum of effort, involving several cables and a speaker resembling a bizarre robotic boob, you could be generating a reasonable facsimile of drum tones on any stupid surface you deem worthy of playing on.


This goldmine of comedy is the Korg Cliphit. I’m already envisioning the most ridiculous applications for such a product. Maybe clip it onto your body and pick a fight with someone. Or clamp it onto your drumset. Ultimately it seems like more of a fun novelty product than a useful practice tool, but it’s been a long week and you could probably use a bit more gag humor in your life.

So, product shootout time. Which goofy mobile percussion product seems like more fun, the Cliphit or Drum Pants? I may have to give my vote to the latter product, because a strip seems like less of a hassle than several cables, and they’re called drum pants.

Source: Modern Drummer

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