Kirk Hammett’s New “Ghoul Screamer” Signature OD Pedal Will Drop on Halloween

In case it was not clearly evidenced by our MASSIVE 25 pedal OD shootout that I plug every chance I get (I put a lot of work into it, okay? Just click around a little and make me happy damnit :sob:) we at Gear Gods love overdrive pedals. And like many other budding metalheads, Metallica was pretty much my introduction to metal. I spent something like 2 straight weeks plunked in front of my CD boombox (this was the late 90s, folks) learning Fade To Black note for note, back to front, so I have a special connection and love for their sound.


So when it was announced yesterday that Kirk would be releasing a signature OD pedal on Halloween this year, I geeked out a bit. Like, harder than usual I mean. I’m in a perpetual state of some level of geek at all times, but it was elevated. And not just because of whose signature pedal it is – it looks really cool.

Designed by a straight-up genius by the name of Antonin Salva, creator of Salvation Mods (whose Randall RMS modified modules I played for sometime) for Kirk’s own KHDK company, the Ghoul Screamer is meant to be a Swiss Army knife of ODs. It has five switches! This means features galore (from the website):

1. Drive

Controls the gain of the circuit. On lower Drive settings, the Ghoul Screamer works as a clean boost with a characteristic mid hump. For more distortion turn the Drive control higher to increase the harmonics, compression and power.

2. Volume

Controls the overall output volume of the Ghoul Screamer.

3. Tone

A very effective active high-frequency tone control. At 12 o’clock it’s neutral. Turned clockwise it becomes raw, aggressive and helps your tone cut through. Turned counterclockwise it cuts the highs for a more mellow and warm tone.

4. Bass Switch

When activated, it enhances the low frequencies, thickens the tone and adds a massive bottom end. Ideal for instruments with a sharp tone and a weaker output.

5. High Switch

Expands the Tone potentiometer to reach towards higher frequencies, enhancing the brilliance and the clean tonal quality and helps less sharp instruments to be heard.

6. Body Switch

Improves the tonal response in the mids as well as the tightness and penetration of your tone in the mix. This mode is particularly effective when used with low tuned or seven-string guitars.

7. Compression Switches

Select between three types of tonal character and compression. The lowest setting (1) offers a soft and warm compression, reminiscent of vintage pedals. The highest setting (3) offers a transparent tone with an aggressive expression rich in harmonics.

Be sure to check back here within the next month, it’s possible you may see a review….

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