KIESEL GUITARS Celebrates the 70th Anniversary of Their Double Guitars With a Brand New HEADLESS Double Guitar ‘Osiris’ Model


Kiesel just loves throwing out gear news, don’t they? I can’t check my sites without getting hit with some sweet Kiesel deets! They’ve been making guitars for a long time. In fact, it just so happens to be their 70th anniversary of making double neck guitars! To celebrate, they’re making their first new double neck model in 20 years: The Osiris Series Doubleneck.

“HEY! THEY ALREADY HAVE THE OSIRIS MODEL! AND IT’S GOT ONLY ONE NECK!” Calm down, everybody. This is another beast. You see, what Kiesel are doing is essentially letting you smash any two Osiris models you want into one solid guitar. You can have 8/6 string, 8/7, 6/8, 6/6, whatever neck configuration you want! AND either of the necks can be multi-scale if that’s your thing (or neither, whatever works). In addition, these things are pretty much completely customizable (the same options that the normal Osiris models have.), so ya’ll can get real weird with it.

The base price starts at $2,500 (that’s bare bones, two standard necks) and other pricing options are outlined on the Kiesel site here. These are only available through over the phone order, and take about 12-16 weeks to build, so if this is something on your list, get on the horn and start talking.

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