KEMPER AMPS Announce New Floorboard Effects Unit: PROFILER STAGE

German audio company Kemper Amps recently teased the upcoming release of their newest product: Kemper Profiler Stage! The new unit was first seen on the Instagram account of guitarist Jakob Schulze from German band Swiss & Die Andern, and made its rounds this past weekend at the 2019 Summer NAMM show before Kemper released their official trailer video.

Source: Jakob Schulze/Instagram

The Kemper Profiler Stage sports a floor-based design in contrast to the already existing Kemper rack and head units. It appears to have the full scope of features that the other units have, but with the added benefit of its slick form-factor. A plethora of I/O, remote-grade control system, individual FX on/off, and unique morphing are just a few of the features the Stage has to offer, and I’m sure we’ll be learning more about it in the coming months.

According to the video, the units will be available on July 24th at 9:00am PST, so be sure to head to then to get your hands on one.

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