Announcing The TREY XAVIER Kemper Profile Pack From LANCASTER AUDIO


What’s up Gear Mortals – Trey Xavier here. Today I come to you not just as Editor-in-Chief of Gear Gods, but as a producer of music and creator of tones, as I announce my very first signature product – the Trey Xavier Kemper Profile Pack from Lancaster Audio!

If you have a Kemper Profiler, you know that it can be a struggle to get the perfect profile. There’s a lot of packs out there, but it can be a bit of a crapshoot finding one that covers all the bases. If you’re a producer, you need the right tone fast to get the sounds you need for the session. If you’re a player, you need the tone that fits your sound for live or recording. And for heavy music, there’s a lot of weak sounding profile packs out there.

So I took the time to make my pack loaded to the brim with sounds for making heavy music of all kinds. Over 50 profiles that will take you from sparkling cleans and crunch tones for rock to many different distinct flavors of crushing heavy rhythm tones and screaming lead sounds for metal, punk, hardcore, pop punk, djent, black metal – you name it!

I profiled 6 amps for this pack – all 4 channels of the Revv Generator 120, a Mesa/Boogie JP2C, an Orange Rockerverb 100, an Orange Brent Hinds Terror, an Orange TH30, and a Peavey 5150 Block Letter. Each one brings something unique and devastating to the table, and I think I captured their souls and put a cork on the bottle. I’ve provided you with enough different profiles of each amp with different settings to really have you covered for any kind of sound you should need.

Hear some of the sounds in the video demo I’ve made for you above, and if you’ve got a Kemper, you can head over to Lancaster Audio and get over 50 profiles for just $50.

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