JOEY STURGIS and Jason Richardson Collab on Toneforge Amp Sim Model

Joey Sturgis has been dropping bomb after bomb over at JST. Lately it seems like a new world-beater plugin gets released every other month. And now, JST have announced a brand new model in their acclaimed Toneforge series of amp sims.


This one is a signature model collaboration with inhuman-chug-machine/guitarist Jason Richardson (ex-All Shall Perish, ex-Born of Osiris, ex-Chelsea Grin). For those that don’t know, Jason is renowned for the heavy tones he pulls and how machine-tight his riffing is. The guy lays down first-takes that you could set your watch to.


If the other Toneforge sims are anything to go by, this one is gonna crush. Especially since this plugin is based on the sweet cleans and monolithically-heavy rhythm and lead tones from Jason’s solo album, ‘I’, recorded with Taylor Larson.

So that’s basically a Joey/Jason/Taylor guitar tone collaboration that you will be able to plug into. And if you can’t get THAT to sound good… I’m gonna go ahead and guess that it’s not JST’s fault.

Here’s the rundown from JST on a couple of unique features in the Toneforge Jason Richardson model:

In this model, Joey created a custom equalizer optimized for tweaking a variety of guitar playing, and a unique dynamic processor designed to control down-tuned guitar low-end with finesse.

JST have the Toneforge Jason Richardson amp sim up for pre-order at a $20 discount right now. If you’re in the market for an amp sim that’s capable of some really heavy shit, check it out at the official JST store.

Additionally, this month at Nail The Mix you can learn to mix the Jason Richardson song “Fragments” complete with the original multi-tracks, and enter your mix to win a prize pack that includes EVERY SINGLE JST PLUGIN (including the Jason Richardson one).

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