JOHN PETRUCCI Gives Overview of 2019 Majesty Guitars From ERNIE BALL MUSIC MAN

John Petrucci is no stranger to the finer things in life, be it: top-shelf bourbon, fantastic beards, scrumptious Mesa Boogie amplifiers, or in this case his newest line of signature Ernie Ball Music Man 2019 Majesty guitars.


In this video, Mr. Petrucci goes down the line of the latest modifications to his massively successful line of guitars. It looks like most of the alterations this year come in the form of new color and wood options, as well as (thank heavens) the removal of that shield that has been on all of the majesty guitars up to this point. I’ve always been such a huge fan of these guitars but the shield never really did it for me, so now I guess its time for me to pick one up?

Check it!

Learn more about Majesty here.

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