ISOVOX 2 – A Portable Vocal Isolation Booth – Demo Video

You know when you’re just chillin’ at home and your missus tells you that you’ve been a good boy and you can spend the evening finishing that song you’ve been working on? You then realise your kid is in bed and any noise is gonna wake up the poor little fella’. Sucks, don’t it? Well with Isovox 2, it’s no problem!


This little beauty is extremely useful in these kinds of situations, as you’ll see in this nicely put together video. It seems to be pretty well sound proofed, meaning you can use it when times are tricky and you have other people around but still want to write/record from the comfort of your own home. Proper recording studios can really add up in terms of cost, so this makes things a great deal cheaper and easier.

It’s also easily assembled and is extremely portable (according to the video). Take it to your buddy’s house and write some shit there if you want to, without the worry of pissing their whole family off with your out of tune wails. Although it is easy to transport and set up, it apparently doesn’t interfere with the quality of your recording. The website states that you can create studio-grade recordings in there.

Its 360 degree sound treatment creates the best possible acoustics for home recording, so it should be able to make even you sound half-listenable. You have the added comfort as well, this dude is using his iPad and most likely enjoying a nice cup of tea at the same time.

The thing also looks pretty nifty from inside and to be fair, pretty spacious too. It might not be one for the claustrophobic but it is still a decent size and the whole thing does look professional and sleek.

You can pre-order one of these bad boys here. Then all you’ll need is some time away from your wife/husband/kids to create your masterpiece.

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