IK MULTIMEDIA’s SYNTRONIK Plug-In Aims to Revolutionize World of Virtual Synths

In a nutshell, IK Multimedia‘s brand new virtual synthesizer plug-in, Syntronik, is shaping up to be a cut above the rest. Utilizing a whole slew of nerdy sampling and modeling technology that my guitar-riffin’ peabrain can hardly comprehend, the Mac/PC plug-in contains 17 instruments which model 38 of some of the world’s most renowned vintage synthesizers. Sounds pretty cool, right? It gets even better.


Here it is in action on an unbranded, generic computer machine.

The modeling engine driving Syntronik differs from its counterparts by featuring an “analog-modeled filter section” built from scratch by IK, and what they call DRIFT™ Technology – the sole purpose of which is to accurately reproduce the oscillator behavior in real-life synths by varying phase, color, and pitch. To put it bluntly, shit’s gonna sound ridiculous, and doesn’t require thousands and thousands of dollars worth of hyper-rare vintage gear, as much as we might wish we had some of that stuff.

An instrument’s interface. I wonder what this might be based on, hmmm?

If 17 instruments reproducing 38 synthesizers and 2,000 presets doesn’t sound like a colorful enough palette for you keyboard-lovin’ fools out there, Syntronik’s coming loaded with an additional 38 effects ranging from modulation to dynamics processing, time-based effects to amplifiers. Whoa, now.

If it all sounds too good to be true, it is…at least until its official release this July. BUT! You can start preordering like mad at a special introductory price. For ordering information and a complete breakdown of the geeky-gritty details, head here.

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