How to win with Breach in Valorant – tips and strategies

If you want more than temporary gratification from a multiplayer game, you cannot miss out on the Valorant. With its pinpoint gunplay and exciting skills, this deep tactical competitive shooter game takes the experience of playing a multiplayer game to another level. But, if you want to take over the leaderboard, right from your gaming strategy to the hero you select has to be strong. If you are looking for someone to challenge angles or to get your team safely through chokepoints, there is no better option than Breach right now in the game. Whether you want to put the enemy on the back foot or win duels, Breach is your guy.


But how can you make full use of Breach to win in Valorant? Worry not; we have already dived in and broken down everything you need to know to win the game. Here are the top Valorant Hacks and Cheats that will help you master Breach and top the leaderboard charts.

  1. Learn the abilities!

If you want to get true value out of Breach, you need to learn and understand how to use its various abilities at different points in the game. Knowing how your opponent will react or what will be his next move after getting hit by one of your many abilities can help you quickly put your enemy on the back foot and win duels.

Where Flashpoint (Q ability) will help you push your enemy aggressively, the ability of Tectonic Fault and Rolling Thunder can make it impossible for your opponent to go through an entire area. Getting a hold of how you can use Breach’s abilities at various points can make your game a lot easier.

  1. Use Aftershock ability to create major damage

While playing Breach, you need to clear as many spots as possible to keep moving ahead in the game. And the Aftershock ability can come in handy when you need to clear a bigger area and force your enemy team to step back from that spot. It is Breach’s first ability and can help you target enemies hiding behind the wall. You can fire at the wall, and anyone behind it will suffer major damage and might die eventually. And as the Aftershock ability has a good range; so, you don’t need to be right beside the wall to use it. Just make sure you do not rush your next move, as Aftershock takes some time to show effects. You can use this ability to one-shot an opponent at point-blank range.

  1. Enter a site easily using Flashpoint ability!

With the Breach’s Flashpoint ability, you can now quickly fire two rounds simultaneously without any worry about stunning your opponent. This ability creates a blinding flash that can easily pass through the walls leaving your enemies blind for some time. You can use this ability to safely enter a building or a site without getting noticed by your enemy. And even though its range is the same as Aftershock, it activates quickly, giving no time to the enemy to get alerted. Unarguably, Flashpoint is the strongest flash in the game and the most annoying if you are the one facing it. It requires shooting a flash at the wall, blinding anyone behind it, be it a foe or friend. It offers players enough time to mount a defense and reload their weapons.

  1. Stun them out with the Fault Line!

Let’s talk about the signature skill of the hero – the Fault Line. Perfect for forcing the enemy team to retreat, this ability is an excellent corner-cleaning tool and will help you stun and clear an entire lane. Also, the Fault Line ability can be used twice in a match, so you can use it without any worries. Though Fault Line has a great range, sometimes it can get tough to tell precisely how long it is. During such times, the minimap can come in handy for you. You need to remember that Fault Line will not affect you, but your team might get dazed, so you need to use it with caution.

  1. Interact with your teammates!

The Breach is an initiator, but you will require a solid team to go ahead in the game. Though you can go solo with the Breach, finding the right team will only increase your chances of winning. Communicate with your team at various levels to increase your chances of getting to the very top of the leaderboard.

With the above-mentioned tips and strategies, you can win with breach in Valorant easily. If you are ready to get better at gaming, make sure to include all the tips in your gaming strategy. 

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