Get Your MIDI Under Control With STRYMON’s Conduit MIDI Hub

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable MIDI controller for your rig, then look no further than the Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub.


The Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub works with most 1/4″ MIDI-equipped pedals and provides MIDI throughput from a computer via USB or external MIDI controller. The Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub comes with TRS MIDI outputs, though you can link together multiple Conduits for essentially as many MIDI inputs as your music might demand. From changing pedal presets and sending SYSEX messages to advanced MIDI automation, the Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub is pretty damn helpful to have.

Even better, the Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub allows you to connect two pedals to a single TRS output using an optional TRS splitter cable via the hub’s Dual Mode. Then of course you can send preset changes and automation from your computer to your pedals and control effects from external MIDI controllers.

The Strymon Conduit MIDI Hub is available for $149.

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