Four Streaming Hacks for Music Fans

You’ve been a devout music fan for as long as you can remember. You have stacks of CDs and piles of vinyl records stored neatly on bookshelves, and you have a streaming service like Spotify or Pandora downloaded onto your smartphone.


In order to get the most out of your streaming services and enjoy the music you love easily and with the best possible sound quality, check out the following four hacks:

Make sure you have an unlimited data plan

If you turn your smartphone on first thing in the morning and enjoy streaming music throughout your entire day, you will need an unlimited data plan without any interruptions. The last thing you want is a huge smartphone bill every month because you’re going over your data limit. Start by checking with your carrier to see if you can upgrade to an unlimited plan for a reasonable amount or if they offer unlimited streaming for music. Keep in mind that while the average person uses about 2GB of data per month on a smartphone, you can easily gobble up more if you’re streaming music all day long.

Invest in a great smartphone

If it has been some time since you’ve upgraded your smartphone, you might want to do so in order to experience the best possible sound quality. As notes, the Apple iPhone 8 is a great choice and offers clean-sounding music. The clarity is excellent, both with the headphones and when using an external amplifier. If you have room in the budget, consider trading in your existing smartphone for one that can really deliver the goods when it comes to high-quality audio.

Turn your phone into a standing stereo with PopSockets

Watching music videos on a smartphone can be challenging; if you don’t feel like holding on the device the entire time, you usually have to gingerly balance it against a book or a wall. Now, thanks to innovative smartphone accessories like PopSockets, you can watch your fave videos with ease. Attach the PopSocket to the back of your phone — it will expand and collapse as needed, letting you hold the phone more comfortably or propping it up as a phone stand in either landscape or portrait mode. You can also use the PopSockets to store your phone headphones by safely wrapping the cord around the socket for safe keeping.

Think beyond Spotify and Pandora

While Spotify and Pandora are well-known music streaming services, they are not the only fish in the proverbial music sea. There are a number of free online music streaming platforms, many of which you can try as much as you like at no cost. For example, unlike Spotify, Google Play allows you to access your entire music catalogue, not just the streaming ones. With a high-quality music streaming ability of 320kbps, Google Play is also easy to access in leading platforms like iOS.

Listening to music used to mean sitting close to a stereo in your living room or car. Now, thanks to music streaming services and the aforementioned hacks, you can enjoy your fave tunes pretty much anywhere. By making sure your data plan lines up with your passion for music, investing in a quality smartphone, using smartphone accessories and trying out different services, you will have the best music streaming experience possible.

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