Eyal Levi’s “Unstoppable Recording Machine” Record Boot Camp Stops in Portland

If you had plans of stopping in at the Unstoppable Recording Machine’s next stop when we covered it back in Stoptober, but don’t live anywhere near Orlando, FL,  well then perhaps Portland, OR is closer to your home base. This famed city of great food trucks will be hosting the third stop the URM Audio Boot Camp’s quest to make all of you commoners ascend to the Lord or Ladyship of Production Monarchy.


Unstoppable Recording Machine main man, Audiohammer Studios engineer, and Daath guitarist Eyal Levi is continuing the trend of bringing in A-level talent to augment the wisdom he’d be bringing into the room were he to be solo. This time Intervals/Skyharbor/Jeff Loomis drummer Anup Sastry (known for his mastery of chopping guitar parts into tiny samples) and Conquering Dystopia/gear demo madman Keith Merrow will be in tow.

Want to register for the Portland clinic? It runs from Dec 5th-7th, and signups have already begun. Just head to the Unstoppable Recording Machine website to bind your name in a contract of fire.

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